Rich Osthoff Fly-Fishing


Rich Osthoff guides fly-fishers for trout on his home waters, the Driftless Area of western Wisconsin. Rich guides on dozens of streams both north and south of the Wisconsin River, including the Viroqua area, Grant County, Richland County and the Kickapoo Reserve/Wildcat Mountain area. Chicago, the Twin Cities and Milwaukee are all within a 2- to 4-hour drive of dozens of streams that support healthy populations of wild brown trout and brook trout.

Rich offers three guided trip options. Split-Fishing is a uniquely educational spring creek experience and the best guiding value in the Driftless. Instructional Guiding, is part fly-fishing school and part guided outing. Rich also offers Traditional Guided Outings.

All terminal tackle, including flies and leaders/tippets are provided on all guided outings. Anglers are free to fish their own rods and reels or to uses Rich’s outfits.

Trout Fishing in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area runs from the first Saturday in January through October 15.