MaxWells Group, just as many other outdoor teams came to be, was created through a lifelong friendship and eagerness to get out fishing. Dustin and Kevin grew up in the same small town in southwest Wisconsin. Through the years, fishing became part of our lives with family and friends. Whether on family trips to the northwoods or the rivers and streams near home,  fishing is what we loved to do. As we’ve gotten older, our families have grown and friends have moved away, but the desire to fish with buddies remains. As with many, a fishing trip is planned each year, for us it is to a new location to learn, explore, and meet some new people. When that time comes and the pursuit of the perfect place approaches us, we start the search. After hours of research, calls, and texts a choice is made and the trip is booked. But 2021 was a little different, during a call discussing the trip, we thought “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that had all of this available?”, and MaxWells Group was born.  MaxWells Group represents our friendship, passion for fishing, and most importantly each of our sons, Max and Wells. 

Our fullest intentions are to connect others who love to fish with the resources most suited for their fishing excursion. We hope what we’ve created gets you one step closer to that fishing trip you’ve been thinking about!

Have some ideas of how we can improve the resource? Drop us a line using the Contact Us page or send us an email at and we’ll get in touch.